Bride of Christ

Sequel to “Light of the World”

But there is more.

More of Jesus I mean.
Jesus is not only our Saviour.
It is through Jesus that God showes us his love.
The bible says that God is our Husband.
God made the world through Jesus and like his Father He is our God and Creator.
Jesus is the Lover of our soul.
He is the one that loves us like no one else can.
God gave us loving relationships to enjoy, but they never were to replace Him.
We all have a place inside of us, a deep longing for love and fulfillment, that only God and His Son Jesus and His Spirit can fulfill.
The bible calls this a mystery. It’s something that is not quite revealed yet.
Our love-relationship with Jesus is compared to the love between a husband and wife.
This is not physical but spiritual.
The intimacy we have with Jesus is way more satisfying then the intimacy we can have with any human being.
It’s like in this picture, were you see how lovesick the bride is, longing for and leaning on her groom.
And the groom supports and strenghten’s her. Because we were never made to live without His love.
She is his delight and he is so very proud that she is to become his.

Artist: Tazia Hall (used with permission)

It’s like that with Jesus.
But like in a love-relationship intimacy and trust are to be developed. It comes through spending time together. Through enjoying each others presence. Setting time apart for each other and talking, sharing  hearts.
We can have this kind of relationship with Jesus if we want.
It doesn’t happen over night. It’s a daily interaction with Him that satisfies our soul more than anything else can.
Just speak to Him.
Tell Him what’s on your mind and listen for his reply.
Put on some soothing worship music that helps you relax and quiet the noise and business in your mind, so you can hear HIS voice. (See also “you are Mine”)

I can really recommend music from Julie True for this.

And do you see the beautiful weddingdress?
God didn’t just give us undergarments to cover our shame barely. (see “Unashamed”)
He gave us beautiful clothes to wear. This garment He gave us is the righteousness of Jesus.
The bible says our own good deeds are like a filthy garment (a menstrual cloth, disguisting right?!).
We do not have the ability to live righteous apart from God. So don’t even try.
That’s called religion. Not the definition that is mostly used of religion, but what I mean here is what all religion has in common: striving to earn something from God, through good behavior.
But this is not possible. All our abilities come from Him (see “Free Gift”) and we don’t have to earn his love and approval. We already have his devotion for us since birth.

Like a bride adorns herself for her husband so we can adorn ourself for Jesus.
We do this through putting on the garment He gave us. We do not have to and are not even allowed to make one ourselves. Because all we have comes from Him.
You put it on by trusting and believing that He indeed is your righteousness and you do not have to be righteous in your own strenth. (see “Identity in Christ” and last paragraph from “Free Gift”)

So because of the blood of Jesus our shame that came through sin is covered and He doesn’t treath us based on our sin anymore. But because of the righteousness of Jesus we now look radiant and pure to Him like being clothed in a white weddinggarment.
We have to choose to put on this garment though by believing and confessing that we have it so it won’t be just that we are accounted as being righteous because the righteousness of Jesus is accounted to us, which is true as well, but that we live out that righteousness. That our life and deeds become rigtheous, holy and pure. THAT is adorning yourself for Jesus your groom.

He’s not going to marry a bride in filthy clothing.
There’s a parable in the bible Jesus tells about 10 virgins waiting for the bridegroom to come.
(matthew 25)
Five have extra oil in their lamps to sustain them during the delay.
Five don’t.
They are all ten virgins (which speaks of their purity and devotion to Jesus).
But only the ones with burning lamps get access to the weddingfeast.
To the others He says He doesn’t know them.
They may have served Him their whole lives but Jesus is not after slaves.
He is after relationship.
The oil symbolizes that.

I’m not saying you won’t be saved if you don’t have an intimate relationship with Jesus.
But that would kind of be like getting married and then both living in another house and not speaking to each other.
You might live on God’s property, but He wants you in His mansion!
His love for you is passionate, not distant.  
He invites you to come closer and experience His love for you.

Free Gift

One thought on “Bride of Christ

  1. Taz H. 23 January 2022 / 22:04

    This is so beautiful, I feel both a deep longing and refreshing as I read this. It’s like drinking fresh, living water. I’m honored to have my illustration punctuate this truth. It relates to the stories of these characters too. They face their own conflicts and struggles. I actually drew this picture as a meditation on what marriage is about and where God comes in.

    Thank you for this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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