artist unknown

Did you know God honors you?
One of the ways He does that is by respecting your choices.
Even your choice of rejecting Him He respects.
The consequences of our choices are not free to choose though,
so that’s where free choice ends.
That makes sense right? That our choices have certain consequences.

In what other ways does He honor us?
He honors us by believing the best of us.
We may not believe in him but He believes in us!
He made us and therefore knows exactly what potential He placed inside each of us.

He also honors us by bestowing tremendous love on us.
He honored us by dying for us.
By becoming a man and paying the rightful penalty for OUR sin.
He could have left us to ourselves when we messed up and turned from Him.
But we have such great value to Him that He deemed us worthy to die for.
He, the perfect Son of God who had no sin, reckoned us to have more value than his own life.

Now THAT is honor.

Free Gift

One thought on “Honor

  1. Monique+Eysink 19 January 2022 / 19:14

    He took the consequences of our choices. He did this for free but it was’nt cheap.
    Mooi beschreven Hanna. Dankjewel!

    Liked by 1 person

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