The cross

The bible calles it the wisdom of God
And foolishness to the world

What made God give up his Son
Let Him become a man and die on a cross?
What made Him do that?

“For God so loved the world…”
The bible says

What extravagant love is this?

I did not always have a conviction of sin
I love and believe in God as long as I rememeber
And I did not understand why Jesus had to die for me
I just knew it was true
And the cross gave me a sense of awe
Now and then

Later I became more aware of my sinfulness
It’s not about following rules
Having no sex before marriage
Going to church every week
Those things are important
But our behaviour comes from what’s in our heart
And to a degree we can modify this from the outside
And look good by living up to certain standards

But I’ve come to see more my true sinful nature
With which we all were born
And which only a touch from God can free us from
It wasn’t just about eating a forbidden apple
Like a child might take a cookie without permission
Although this was no ordinary “apple”
And eating it had certain consequences
It was also not that us eating a wrong fruit made God angry

What happens when people don’t obey the laws made by a king?
What happens when they don’t ackowledge his autority?
When they appoint there own rulers and crown another king?
If the king wants to uphold his kingdom he would have to punish
those rebels, or even put them to dead or lifelong imprisonment

You see God is the King of the world
And He allows us not to obey Him
But we shouldn’t think this has no consequences
Or how could his kingdom otherwise stand?

The sin of Adam and Eve, and all of us
Is that we place ourselves above God
It doesn’t matter how big our transgression is
In it’s core there are no degrees in sin
Our sin is not just to do something forbidden
It is that we rebelled against the king of the universe
That makes every transgression though seemingly small so big

So why did God send his son Jesus to earth to die on a cross?
I believe Jesus paid the price we deserved to pay for our sin
I believe the suffering Jesus went through is a picture
Of the severeness of our sinfulness
If we have trouble to see the depth of our depravity
The severeness of our sin
We just have to look at the cross
And see what price needed to be paid
To pay of our debt we had through sin

The righteousness of God looks different than ours
He didn’t want us to pay the price we deserved
But righteousness still had to be done
Otherwise we would not learn what is good and what is not

It’s not that God is mean and didn’t love Jesus
But He was able to pay a price we were not able to pay
Because He never sinned He was able to endure all suffering
To endure the darkness of men’s soul that now came on Him
And because He was pure darkness had no hold on him
And he rose from the death
Thereby declaring: it is finished, the price is paid
The debt we had to righteousness is settled
We are now in right standing with God
United with Him forever

If we believe

Free Gift

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