A serpent on a pole

When the Israëlites lived in the desert years ago,
They once encountered a large plague of snakes that bit them.
Many were dying.
God revealed to Moses that the cause of the plague was the sin of the people.
But God gave them a cure.
Moses put a bronze serpent on a pole and stuck it in the ground for all to see.
When the people looked at it they were healed.

This is a picture of the cross on which Jesus would die many years later.
Jesus was not the serpent though.
The serpent was satan, also called the devil, whose power was destroyed on the cross.
When people sin it gives satan power in their lives.
When you obey someone you give that person autority.
Satan tempts men to sin and if we do it gives him power over us.

Unfortunately his intentions for us are not very good.
On the contrary they are evil and he only wants to destroy us.
God on the other hand has always our good in mind.
He loves us so much He himself paid the price that we deserved to pay for our sin.
When He died on that cross He took away satans autority over our lives
Because our debt to righteousness, our debt to God, was now paid by Jesus.
So the devil has no claim on us anymore.

However in order to experience the benefits of what Jesus did for us
We have to look at it, we have to look at the cross and what it means.
To ponder the healing and deliverance it brings to our lives.
Believing is receiving.
It’s kind of impossible to receive a gift you don’t even believe was given to you.
Faith is the hands that receive.

That’s why Jesus said that all who believe in Him are saved,
although he died for the sins of the whole world.
But He didn’t just die to save us from eternal damnation.
He died to free us from every darkness in our lives.
To heal every disease and fill every need we have.
He provided this all for us on the cross.

We just have to look and believe.

Free Gift

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