Love’s Price

God is like the sun
We cannot look straight into his face

So How could Love have a companion
The companion of men
When we can’t even look at him from a distance
Let alone being near

At the beginning of our time
When men could see his face
They decided not to
And go their own way

And so they became dark within

Then how could God share his love
With his newly made companion
If this companion left his side

Even this possibility God had in mind

So before creating men
God already made a plan

God had a meeting
Where God the father told his plan
If men were to reject him
Jesus (his son) would rescue them

He would take in all darkness
That had come over men
Take it all on him
Drink everything

Death had power
Over those walking in sin
And it was the sin of men
Jesus now carried within

So Jesus allowed death to take him
By the hands of men

It was all in God’s plan

Jesus drank men’s darkness
So men could receive back the Light
The light of God
That was to be the light of men

This could not have happened
When Jesus would have sinned
But there was no fault in Jesus
And the master of darkness could not hold him

So Jesus rose from the dead
And set many captives free
With them you and me

Everyone who chooses to walk by his side
He gave a promise for even after this life  

That by his side we’ll live on forever
And now God lives inside
And we may look at his face once again

So God gave an invitation
To those who turned away

Accept the life of Jesus
He freely gave to save
It was the greatest price
Love ever paid

Free Gift

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