Love’s expression

(What is love
When not given away)

Outside of time
Eternity exists
And always has been
This eternity is God

God is love

God of Three Persons
Yet all are One
This way God in itself could be love
And share love within himself

Love grows and wants to express
So Love made a plan

He made men

Wars and fights


Where is this Love?

Hard work and labor
No relief

No mercy to be seen

Who are these men
And Who is this God
How can we be loving
When turned from His side

God had a plan
A future in mind
Not to be striving
For men to obey

God had a plan
To express what’s inside
God had a plan
To be in men’s life

To love and behold
His awesome creation
To love and behold
What He had in mind

To be loved and beheld
By His own creation
To exchange this love
To be godly intertwined

An expansion of love
To future generations
Interwoven eternally
To be each other’s delight

Free Gift