Can I be living
Without doing something
Without making a product
That eyes can see or hands can hold

Can I be of value
Without writing things down

Can I be someone
When I look to the sky
When I wonder at nature
Or anything passing by

Can I be of value
When enjoying this life
When seemingly doing nothing
But beholding the sky

Can I be living
When seeing and feeling
I’m surrounded by life

When coming up rashly
Unexplainable joy
Excitement that’s above me
Captured by all

Is it enough
To feel I am living
To behold what I see
To be happy inside

Is it enough
Not to create anything
To marvel at nature
And what men had in mind
Beautiful buildings
Awesome creations
On top of it all
Life that’s inside

Is it enough
To have my identity
In being creature
Above my creating
Above playing God

To be loved and be held
To be the joy of heaven
To be an act of Deity
To be Someone’s delight

Do I accept the gift of life
Embrace it with thankfulness
Do I know Who’s I am
Is it enough?

Is it enough to be living
To enjoy what I’ve got
Or do I keep on striving
To become what I’m not

To become what I cannot be
To become what I don’t even want
To become my own god

Am I allowed
To be a creature
To enjoy life He gave me
And let God do His job

Life is a gift

You can’t earn it

You might disagree
Is not our whole society based on merits?
Unfortunately it is
Thing is that everything we can do
Comes from the potential that was given us at birth

It was all a gift
We have to work to develop these gifts, true
But even the ability to do that was given

So do we keep priding ourselves on our achievements?
Or can we live with humility
And give honor to whom it is truly due
Which in the end is always God

I’ve heard it say
That our value does not come from what we do
But what we do comes from who we are

We were made with value
And what we do or don’t do can’t influence this
We cannot add to our value by what we do
Nor can we diminish it by our mistakes

Our value is constant
And so is God’s love for us
We cannot mess up this love
Nor can we increase it
It’s already more than what we need

God will never withhold his love from us
No matter how we live
But are WE withholding HIM?

The bible says God opposes the proud
What does that mean? Why?

If we try to earn love and acceptance
We not only give honor to ourselves
For what was given to us freely
But we also block our heart
From receiving the depth of his love for us
Which is not based on merit
But freely given

Life is a gift

You can’t earn it even if you did everything perfect
That ability still comes from Him

You were made from love
The love of God

You don’t have anything to give him back for that
Except what he gave you first

So why don’t give him your life?
Give him what already belongs to him anyway

For he made you
And loves you
And wants you to experience the fullness of life
The way he intended it to be

With him
Because apart from his love
We really are handicapped
And we will always try
To find love and fulfillment
From things and people that can’t give it to us

He is the source of our life
In him we live and move
and have our being

So why not connect with this source
So we can live life fully

If you are ready
Then pray this prayer with me

Dear Jesus

Thank you for dying for me
Thank you for paying the price
That righteousness required
To settle the debt of my sin

I accept this free gift
Of forgiveness
And with your help
Because your spirit now lives inside of me
I turn from my life of sin
Of pride and selfishness
And I completely give it to you

I hold nothing back
And I give you access to every part of me
So you can change me
And make me the way you intended me to be

Show me your ways
And help me to hear your voice
So I will never turn from your side


WELCOME  into God’s family!

If you prayed this prayer and meant it
You are now adopted as his child

You are his forever
Nothing can ever separate you from him

You are a whole new creation
The bible calls it “born again”

You now have a seat in heaven
You have dual citizenship
You live on the earth in your body
But your spirit is in heaven

This is possible because
The natural and the spiritual
Are interwoven

Heaven and hell are not
Some places far away
They are inside

And hopefully we chose heaven
Rather than hell
To be the place we live from
To be the source of our life

Your body may look the same
And you might still have sinful desires
Or addictions
(many experienced they were broken off right away!)
But your spirit is made new and perfect
Without spot, no blemish

And when you learn to live
more and more from your spirit
which is now one with God’s spirit
(whom we call the Holy Spirit)
your life begins to change

You become the person
You were made to be
Pure and holy
Loving and kind

And most important
Living in harmony with you Maker
Who is the Lover of your soul

Nothing and no one can ever come close
To the fulfilment that HE gives

So welcome once again
You are now a child of God

Try to connect with other believers
Your spiritual brothers and sisters
Since they will help you to grow in your faith
And teach you spiritual principles
You will need

But most important
Spent time every day with God
Sit down and talk with him
Don’t make it a monologue
He wants to talk back

So listen for his voice
When you quiet all the noise
All the other voices in your head
that try to get your attention
you will hear His

A book that really helped me to hear his voice is

“Can you hear me? Tuning in to the God Who Speaks”
By Brad Yersak

You can find it on Amazon

Bless you,

Your journey has just begun!

On this website you can find more teaching about this journey

They also have an online church in case you are looking for one.

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