The “bride” of Jesus are those believers that are deeply in love with him.
Not just churchgoers that once accepted Jesus as their Saviour and then forgot to have a relationship with him.
Not those that read books about him but never encounter him in person.
The bride of Jesus Christ is every believer that is totally devoted to the Lover of their soul Jesus who gave his own life to save them.
Who took “her” place instead when He was nailed on a cross.
Who willingly paid the price for her sin and every wrongdoing of all mankind.

The bride reckons herself to be crucified with Jesus.
This means first that in God’s eyes the punisment for her sin is already paid.
By Jesus. And therefore she is in rightstanding with God.
She believes this and accepted it gladly and thankfully.

Second this means she doesn’t live for herself anymore.
Her old nature that was all about herself died on that cross.
She consideres herself death. Her old life and ways.
She believes that when Jesus rose from the death she rose with him.
Not as the same person she once was but as a whole new creation.
Born again in the spirit.
This is a micracle our mind can’t contain and can only be received when we believe it.
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We don’t start living in our own strength trying to obey God when we give our lives to him.
That’s just not possible.
No, God changes us on the inside when we become believers.
We receive a new nature.
Our old nature was in rebellion against God but our new nature actually wants to obey him.
This change of heart is a gift from God and not something we can do ourselves.
Now that gives peace right?!
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Living with God is a joyful thing and not a burden.
The world may persecute you but that burden doesn’t come from God!
If you do find it a burden to obey God you are probably trying to live in your own strength instead of relying on what Jesus did for you including the death of your old sinful nature.
You are crucified with Jesus.
You have become new.
You can’t live holy by trying harder but by trusting more that Jesus inside you is your righteousness and without leaning on him you can’t obey God.
It might look like you can on the outside, but inside you’re full of pride if you think you can live up to God’s standard of love and living all by yourself. Without being connected to him.
This is only possible through relationship with God.
As you talk with him daily and spend time with him his likeness rubs of on you and you start to reflect who He is to others around you.
That’s when people will start to be drawn to the gospel (that’s the name for what I just decribed: deliverance from our sin through Jesus and getting in rightstanding with God our Father).

When the bride of Jesus Christ truly embraces her identity of being a pure beloved child of God that is cleansed from all sin, and becomes a devoted lover of Jesus she becomes a beacon of strength to the world.
An oak of righteousness as the bible calles it.
A place of refuge.
Then the world takes shelter under her wings and she (the world) blossoms again.
Then life becomes the way it was meant to be.
Then people will stand in line to get saved because they see the fruit and joy it brings.
Then masses of people that were once aliened from their heavenly Father are finally coming home.

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