(And a wedding gift)

Your mission ended
You saved the world
That is, all who would receive

You went home
To be with your Father
Receiving a long awaited welcoming

You would send down your Spirit
To live inside of men
Empowering us to be just like you

Your bride, those that love you
Would make herself ready
Preparing for the great day

Taking baths of oil
Soaking in your love
Abiding in your presence
Removing other gods

And now we are almost ready
For another outpouring
The promised last rain
Removing our last stain

Then we will be clothed
In radiant white
We will show the world
That You are full of light

Darkness will tremble
Injustice has to bow
To the King of the universe
And his wife

They will work together
Forever side by side
Permanently united
Perfectly intertwined

PS: Are you his bride?
See also “Homecoming”.

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