His story 15: A restricted will

So how do we get free from the devil’s influence in our lives?
From our selfish tendencies to always let self preservation be our motivation in everything we do. Even in our “good” deeds.
You may or may not have experienced in your life that when you tried to get rid of some toxic behavior or habit you were not always able to do so.
You may have tried not to get angry every time someone annoyed you.
And you failed miserably despite your good intentions.
Or you tried to get rid of an addiction, again to no avail.
Because when we reject God we lose our free will. To a degree anyway.
When the first people gave in to satan (the devil) they came under his power.
And he is not such a kind master as God is.
God is all about freedom.
About giving us free choice, the ability to make our own decisions.
The freedom of a relationship that is chosen, desired even.
He does not start to dominate our lives all of a sudden at any point.
He does not take over the wheel.
Only when we surrender a certain aspect to him He might do that.
Yet never without our consent.
Life with God always remains a partnership.
If there is any area in your life where you want to experience his involvement more you have to ask him.
And then He will come in.
Or if someone else prayed for you He will manifest himself in your life as well.
The devil on the other hand is not such a gentleman as Jesus.
Once you give in to his temptations he barges right into you life.
He does not ask for permission.
You gave him access by giving in to him and now he brings darkness where ever he can.
When you submit to God He actually sets you free.
When you submit to the devil he binds you.
And the result is that you are not always able to do what you want anymore.
His influence permeates your whole life without even realising it.
That anger and bitterness, that unforgiveness and stubbornness, addictions, you name it.
It all comes from the devil.
Now the good news is that you did not generate this evil behavior yourself.
You did give in to it, but it was not your own invention.
The good thing about that is that you can be delivered from his influence in your life.
Now you may never have seen the devil and never heard him speak to you.
(Some have by the way.)
But he temps us by speaking to our spirit. By giving us certain thoughts and desires.
So you are probably not aware of his existence but he is very real.
There is a spiritual realm we all live in and that effects us either for good or for bad.
It can give you peace or make your restless.
Give you joy or depression.
Hope or despair.
We are living beings with a will and emotions.
Yet not all our thoughts and feelings are generated by ourselves.
We do choose what we give into, yet when we reject God’s autority over us we become prey to the devil and our will is greatly restricted.
We can not do what we want anymore all the time.
That is why we need God to deliver us from him.
The only way that this can happen is when we surrender to God.

To be continued…

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