His story 16: Our rebellion

When the first people disobeyed God in the garden they rejected his sovereignty.
It was never about “just eating a wrong fruit”.
The gravity of disobedience lies in the person of whom we disobey.
You might not always have obeyed your parents.
Yet you did not go to prison for this.
Perhaps you disobeyed the laws of your government though, and you did go to prison for that or at least received some severe warning or ticket.
Now what if we were to disobey the God who rules the earth and even the whole universe?
How severe would the rightful punishment for that be?
I can think of only one answer.
Is there a ruler that would not deal severely with someone that did not acknowledge his autority?If so he would not be very wise.
He might be compassionate to the rebel that refuses to submit, yet if he would let him of the hook with no consequences he would severely put the order and peace of his kingdom in danger as long as the rebel refuses to submit.
Even if he would not be concerned about his own safety that person would be a danger for the other inhabitants.
Unless we speak about a ruler who’s laws are malicious.
But I am supposing now that the rules of the kingdom are all for the people’s own good and protection.
At least I am convinced it is that way with God.
He is not like a human ruler that anxiously wants to hold the respect of the people and otherwise loses his sense of self worth.
God does not need anyone to validate him.
He does not need our submission.
We need it though!

So what would be the appropriate consequence for people that broke his rules, which is all of us?
Disobedience to the King of the universe, who knows best what we need.
Our very Creator.
The One who upholds our life and sustains it.
Who makes it worth living and determines what is good and what is evil.
He knows better what is good for us than we know ourselves.
Like children often do not understand why their parents request certain things of them they may not like. Yet it is for their own protection.

Even the evil in our own hearts we often do not realise.
But He sees it all.
Our self centeredness and pride.
Our living for gain and power.
Our desire to be above others.
Our tendency to keep control.
While of course He is the only One that controls the universe.
Or is He?
I think it is clear to all of us that if He is God and our Maker He should be our ruler right?
Just like it is proper that a child submits to its parents.
The ones that gave it life.
Yet does God really control our lives?
It is not just that we should let Him out of respect for who He is, but also it is the most prudent thing we can do since He alone has the wisdom to govern us the way we need to.

To be continued…

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