His story 44: Shelter

The bible tells us there is a safe place we can live from where nothing can hurt us.
Not even a musquito will sting you when you are in that place.
No wild animal, no person, and no plague.
You may have heard about it.
Psalm 91 describes it clearly but I also believe that the highway of holiness that Isaiah talks about is the same place.
I belief it is also the spiritual place called mount Zion.
(There is a physical Zion as well.)
So how do we get to live in that place? Or rather from it.
I mentioned before that as believers we live in two places.
Our body is on the earth but our spirit is in heaven.
I belief that it is when we intently seek to connect with God at all times and put our trust in him that we live from that place.
We have to make God our dwelling place.
We do that by loving him above anything else and not putting our trust in other things and having other “lovers” on the side.
It is also called the highway of holiness.
This does not mean we have to live perfect lives.
Rather it means we have complete trust.
It means we trust in what Jesus did for us on the cross.
We lean on Jesus as being our righteousness. It is not our own holiness.
It is his inside of us and through us.
As children of God we still need to learn things and mature like children in the natural do. But we are made clean and holy through the blood of Jesus and his presence inside us.
When we choose to fully belief this and put our trust in it we are walking on the highway of holiness. But we cannot have a divided heart. We cannot have other “gods”. We cannot allow anything in our lives to take the place that only God should have.
God is extremely merciful but He does not let himself be mocked.
If we truly make God our habitation, our Shelter, by giving him our whole heart and complete trust no evil can get to us.
This does not mean you are a bad christian if you do not live in that place yet.
We still live by grace. It is not a matter of earning God, but of giving him our all.
Often we start out by only visiting this place at times.
Yet we are invited to move in with him.

To be continued…

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