2. Royalty

You are My princess
The apple of My eye
You are My pride
You are Mine

So what is this gospel I, as a believer, still preach to myself daily?
Through one man all sinned, through One Man all became righteous! (all who believe)
That basicly summes it up.

We still feel guilty and unworthy countless times…

He has not beheld iniquity in Jacob,
nor has He seen perverseness in Israel.
The Lord his God is with him,
and the shout of a king is among them.

Numb. 23:21

This was spoken over Israel right after numerous accounts of their rebellion!!
Part of that rebellion was plain unbelief.
Unbelief in God’s provision.
That He was able and willing to provide for all their needs.
They kept blaming God for there circumstances and kept complaining.
They continually forgot how God delivered them and provided before.
They also disobeyed his commandments from time to time yet interesting is that most of their sin seemed to be their unbelief.

When we don’t belief God we basicly call him a liar.
But we also put our own opinions above his.
We actually make ourselves god.
Saying we know better than He.

Yet dispite of this, and despite of all the severe consequences of this sin (many of them died!), God still called them blessed.
A people He doesn’t defy. He doesn’t resist them but makes himself available for them!
So why does it say God hasn’t beheld iniquity in them?
He didn’t see perverseness.
It seems contradictory to the former accounts of their behaviour.

It’s because of the sacrifices.
Atonement was made for them daily and because of it God looks at them through glasses so to say.
Sin still has bad consequences in our lives.
What we reap we sow.
This doesn’t change because Jesus died and we are forgiven.
But we are forgiven indeed just as they were.
That’s why its says that God didn’t see any sin in them.
Although they had to bear the consequences of heir behaviour God didn’t treath them accordingly.
And the same goes for us today.
These consequences are a form of discipline. Not punishment.
Otherwise we would never learn to do the right thing.

Yet when God looks at us He is deeply in love.
He sees the covering of Jesus blood over our lives and is satisfied by that.
Our faith in Jesus pleases him tremendously.
So though He is not blind, in a sense He doesn’t see our sin when He looks at us.
He only sees the righteousness of Jesus that is now accounted to us.

And therefore He says:

“You are all fair my love
There is no spot in you”

Song of songs 4:7


Take a moment every day (or several times a day) in which you quiet all your minds concerns and let this one scripture go through your mind:

“You are all fair my love
There is no spot in you”

Choose to believe it.
Just drink in his tremendous love for you.

Be blessed!

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