Growing in faith (1)

From heart to head

You may have heard it say in christian circles, that headknowledge (about God) needs to sink into our heart.
I often said something similar myself.
Yet, I think it might be the other way around for believers.
Believing is something you do with you heart, not your mind, although it can certainly lead to insights in our thinking.
If you’re not a believer you mave have heard the gospel (faith in Jesus) a thousand times and you may even understand very well what it means.
Yet if you don’t have a witness in your spirit, a deep knowing that it’s true, then you don’t believe it right?
As a believer though we know deep down in our spirit that the gospel is true.
When we hear about it a deep “amen” (affirmation that it’s true) rises from our spirit and we may even say it out loud.
Yet it’s possible to believe with our whole heart without fully understanding with our mind what it all entails.
To be honost I believe this is the case for most (if not all) believers.
If we did fully understand we would daily heal the sick and raise the death through our faith in Jesus, because that’s the power that the bible claims the gospel has.
(so keep reading, if you want to experience this…)

So how do we grow our faith?
How do we get more understanding?
It brings peace to know that the truth is already inside of us.
We don’t have to travel to some far place to find it.
The moment we gave our lives to God He put his truth inside of us.
Now this truth only needs to come to the surface and come out.
I’m not just talking about truth of the autority we have in Jesus although this certainly is important.
However more important than that is to know the truth about God’s love for us.
If we do know this I believe miracles will just flow easily out of that revelation.
Because healing is an expression of God’s love.

So we need to get what’s inside our heart into our head.
If we don’t we’ll keep feeling guilty and bad about things of which God said He forgave them.
We have to transfer what we believe in our heart to the thoughts we have in our head.
They need to come into alignment.
That’s when we’ll start feeling his love for us on a constant bases.

How do we do this?
Since believing is basicly a matter of the heart it’s important that we keep practising faith with our heart and not start searching for truth with the mind apart from being connected with our spirit (heart).
I think the most important way to do this is through daily worship.
Not just singing songs, but we need to let the love we have for God bubble up from our spirit and then indeed it can arise into a song or another expression of love.
To connect to our spirit it’s important to silence all our minds concerns so we can focus solely on the goodness of God.
When all other occupations fade away and we truly worship with our whole heart, we open ourselves to experience his love.
But we need to believe him wholeheartedly. Having no doubts in the back of our mind that He indeed is good and loves us tremendously.

Connection with God comes through faith.
So if we want to experience more connection our faith needs to grow.
Because faith is trust and trust is what all relationships are built upon.
You can’t have intimacy without trust.
This works the same with God.
He doesn’t withold himself from us but He won’t overpower us if we are drawing away from him.
And trust is how we draw near.

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Set apart a daily time to worship God.
You can take a walk in nature to be inspired or you can listen to worship music online.
E.g. services from Jesus image.
Don’t just listen to songs but engage with your spirit.
Put aside all distractions and express your love to God with your whole heart.
Just believe that He’s right there with you.
Remind yourself of his goodness.
Start thanking him for it.
Focus on him alone and not your circumstances.

Another way of worshiping from your spirit is speaking in tongues.
Read “Supernatural language”.
Make speaking in tongues part of your daily worshiptime.
You can even time an amount of time with a timer if that works for you
or just spontaneously let it flow during worship when it bubbles up.

Of course there are many ways we can worship.
Key thing to remember is that is has to come from your spirit
and that it’s not a mere outward action.
If it comes from a spiritconnection with God anything can be worship really.

Be blessed!

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