Supernatural language

When we marry God He gives us many gifts.
The main one is a new heart.
Another is the gift of tongues.
A new tongue?
Even more than one?
Well not exactly.
Unless you literaly need a new physical tongue.
He can give you that as well!

The tongues I am speaking about here is a new language.
It’s supernatural and not one you can learn through study.
Also you can’t understand it even when you speak it.
Now what’s the point of that right?
Actually you can learn to discern the meaning of it but that’s a separate gift.
You can speak it without understanding and still benefit from it.
So how does that work?

Speaking in tongues is one of the tools God gave us to become more in tune with our (new) spirit we received when we became believers. (see “Vows”)
The bible teaches us that someone that has control over his tongue, over what he speaks, is perfect. Without sin.
Now how can we live without sin?
Only when we totally surrender to God.
To his Holy Spirit that lives inside of every believer.
How do we do this?
Speaking in tongues is one way.
When we speak in tongues we submit our speach to the Holy Spirit.
It bypasses our mind which is probally a good thing because it’s often in the mind that we start to sin and wander from the right way.
You see we can’t contain God in our thinking. If we could we would be God.
So by surrendering our ability to understand with our natural mind we acknowledge his lordship above us.
That we are not God.
The root of sin is that we put ourselves above him.
Because when we don’t obey God we basicly say that we are higher than him.
That the last word does not belong to him but to us.
By speaking in tongues we overcome sin and give God the rightful place in our lives again.
This softens our hearts so we can hear him more clearly when He speaks to us throughout our day.
It can give us more understanding of scripture (the bible) and insight in problems we deal with.
Also it can overcome addictions.
It strenghtens our faith and makes us more aware of his love for us.

So how do we speak in tongues?
First we have to be believers: committed our lives to God. (see Free Gift)
Then we have to believe the gift of tongues is for all believers.
Just ask the Holy Spirit to fill you.
Then start speaking.
Yep that’s right.
Surrender your mind to him and trust that you have received this gift.
Just start speaking sounds and syllables.
Don’t think about it!!
Just let it flow.
Speaking in tongues is a prayerlanguage and it comes from our spirit.
It can be worship (expressing our love to God) that comes from our heart but it can also be intercession (prayer).
When we pray in tongues we pray perfect prayers because it’s led by the Holy Spirit and our own flawed thinking and understanding can’t interfere.

To get started it can help to listen to others speaking in tongues so you get a feel of what it sounds like although it may sound different for every believer.
Here’s a video to get you started. Just relax and start releasing sounds and syllables.
God is not going to take over your tongue so you do have to start speaking yourself. In trust that He inspires what you speak.
It’s oke if you don’t get it right at once. It may take you some time to get over the awkward feeling. You have to get over yourself…

Speak it daily and you will see things in your life start to change. You start to change.
Your character becomes softer. You become patient. You have more self-control.
And you start feeling God’s love.

Be blessed!

Free Gift