Gideon (2)


There’s an interesting element in the battle in which Gideon defeated his enemies.
At a certain point it talks about two chiefs of the enemy he killed at a rock and at a winepress.
Earlier in the story, God met him at a winepress.
Gideon then makes an offering and puts it on a rock.
So the winepress and the rock speak of encounter and sacrifice in this story.
For me this shows that if we worship God (which is an offering) and if we encounter his presence God turns this into victories over our enemies, which are the battles we face in life.
Whether this is fear or depression or lack of any kind, I believe this is the main way to overcome them.
By losing ourselves in absolute adoration and wonder of God and seeking his face.

See also “8. Thanksgiving” and “9. Soaking”.

Be blessed!

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