Wedding with Jesus

A wedding

Unity with God
Marriage with Jesus
Taking part of his death
Becoming selfless lovers

An army is released
It is the bride of God
Fighting for justice
For what’s on his heart

Jesus’ mission

God didn’t just send Jesus to the world to save it.
Yes that was his purpose as well, but He wanted a bride for his Son.
A people that would love him back the way Jesus had loved them.
A people that would respond to his unselfish act of self-sacrifice by fully dedicating their own life to him in return.
That’s the perfect prototype for marriage.
It’s based on a devotion that’s equal in both partners.
If one loves the other but that love is returned in a lesser decree, you might not have a satisfactory unity.
The one that does most of the loving may actually be the most content partner.
Yet God didn’t just want Jesus to be content with us.
He wanted him to be thrilled with a partner that loved him back without witholding any place of their heart.
Jesus loves all people that come to him, and even those that never come, He died for.
For just a chance they would return back his love for them.
(NB: NOT to EARN it back, that’s not possible, but to respond to it in a fitting way)
So God is looking for a bride for his beloved Son.
Of course all who receive him become children of God. Brothers and sisters of Jesus.
But the bride would be something else.
She would not withold anything from God!
And the invitation to become fully his was for all who would be saved.
So preparations were set in place.
A time was set for the ceremony.
A time only the Father knew.

When Jesus, Son of God, finished his work on earth as a man, living and dying on our behalf, and left for heaven again, his involvement with us wasn’t done.
He didn’t save us just to leave us on our own again.
He poured out his Spirit on us, enabling us to be free from the enslavement sin brings.
But that’s not all.
He wants an intimate relationship with us. To walk with us daily as we go through life, discovering his love and beauty more each and every day.
Despite the hardships we may endure, just like in any good marriage, his devotion for us is for better or for worse.
He never leaves us, but He still respects our free will.
We can still choose to obey him or not.
And to spend time with him daily, or…to ignore him totally.
He will keep drawing us to himself, in the same measure with which He drew us to himself before we accepted his salvation.
When He pulled at out hearts telling us that there was something more.
Or rather Someone!
Someone that’s involved in our eternal well-being and doesn’t want anyone to be lost and separate from him forever. That’s basicly the summary of what hell is: eternal seperation from God.
And now we are married to him, or should I say betrothed (dutch: in ondertrouw)?
This is more than an engagement. It’s a registration by the autorities that and when you will get married.
When we accept Jesus as our Savior and submit to him we are registered in heaven as his future “bride”!
(of course this is symbolical/spiritual language)

But what does this look like? A marriage with Jesus?

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