Acknowledging your God-given beauty is not pride.
It’s only pride when we don’t acknowledge it comes from Him.

What is humility and why is it important?
Let me tell you what it is NOT!
Humility is NOT feeling bad about yourself and dragging yourself down, saying what a pitiful creature you are and playing over and over again in your mind how you messed things up.
THAT is not humility. THAT is pride!
Yes you read it right, I’m not twisting it around. You might have though, like so many of us.

You see we are beautiful creatures made in the image of God. ALL of us.
You might have some dirt on you that covers that beauty, true.
But deep down beauty is hiding.
I’m not just talking to believers here who gave their lives to Jesus and are now what we call “born again”, a new creature in our spirit. (read Free Gift)
The gospel, the message, the good news this whole blog is about is that Jesus the Son of God came down from heaven to seek that what was lost. He came to redeem hidden treasures. You and me.
He didn’t come to save trash. He came to buy treasures.
He would never make a bad deal. God is not stupid. He would not lay down his life for something that’s not worth it.
You may pay a huge amount of money for trash if you think that will raise the worth of that trash, and it might make it more valuable to you, but God would never do that.
All humans are extremely valuable to God and He sent us his Son to show us our worth, not to make us valuable. We already are.
However we were treasures that were lost. And by dying for us on that cross Jesus bought us back. He saved us from eternal seperation from God, and reconciled us with Him again.

PRIDE say this is not true. It says God is a liar.
Pride puts it’s own opinion above God’s and therefore puts itself above Him.
Yes you might want to reconsider you opinions about yourself and repent, meaning to change them.
To stop seeing yourself as trash and a failure. God would not die for you if you were trash.
Indeed we all sinned and fell short of his standards for right living (righteousness). But that does not make us trash. It just covers our beauty, hiding it in dirt.
But like a rough diamant our beauty can be revealed! After He washes away the dirt with the blood of Jesus that was shed for us.

PRIDE can manifest itself in different ways in people that seem quite opposite, but the root is always that you resist God and put yourself above Him.

PRIDE also can say that you don’t need Him to forgive you and die for you but that you will pay for your own mistakes yourself.
But we never can.
Pride has a hard time receiving the grace of God.
It’s not humility at all to keep insisting that you are not lovable and don’t deserve his mercy.
Of course you don’t deserve it. All your ability comes from God. You can’t give him anything He didn’t give you first. Like a child buying a gift for their parents from the money they themselves gave them.
To even think you can deserve anything from Him, even when you never made a mistake, is pride.
You put yourself above God denying that He is the source of your live.
You can’t earn anything from Him, and that is very freeing, because it means you don’t have to strive all the time to receive his love and acceptance or the approval of people.
He approved of you when He made you. Your actions, neither failure nor succes, can’t change his affections towards you. His approval of you has nothing to do with your performance.
He approves of us because we are his. Like you approve of and love your own child.
You don’t get angry at your baby for not being able to walk. Or sing, or dance. And even when they have that ability but fail you don’t love them any less.
You love them because they are yours.
And that is how God loves us.
Because we are his creatures.
Not because we performed well.

It takes humility to accepts this.

Because then we can’t take any credit for our achievements anymore.
Not when it comes to determining our worth I mean.
Then we have to acknowledge that all our ability comes from God.
But it also means that nothing, nor succes nor failure, can ever diminish our worth or seperate us from God’s love.

So you choose…

Do you want to keep your pride and having to fight your whole life for a feeling of worthiness, of striving to gain love and acceptance?
Or are you willing to give that up, that pride that says you deserved this or that, but also often says you didn’t…
Are we willing to acknowledge God for who He is?
Our Creator, the source of our life. The source of any ability we have.
Or… do we make ourselves gods.
Do we attribute to ourselves that which comes from God….

Bless you!

Free Gift