Artist: Annelies Vonk, Kriebels en Krabbels

God is the proudest parent in the universe.
We are his offspring the bible says, which means we are his children.
But are we indeed? All of us?
Yes and no…
We are if we accepted his love and sacrifice of Jesus for us.
We all started out as his children though, but many have cut of the familybond and desinherited God.
We may not even be aware of this.
Is that even possible?
Yes! God gives us free choice, He does not force us to be his children.
He wants us to want Him. That is amazing to me.
It’s not like He needs us…but He desires us!
Yet many people don’t want Him to be their Father.
I think it can be due to several reasons.
The main one is because of pride. Ours, not his…
Another one is that we have a wrong image of God.
We think He is cruel, abusive, judgmental or just absent.
Or you fill in what you think God is like….
You might think you don’t believe in God.
But often this is not true.
Why would you be offended at the mere notion of God, that He exists, if you didn’t believe in Him?
You wouldn’t care whether I believe in Him or not if you didn’t.
Issue is therefore not that you don’t believe He exists but that you’re offended at Him.
Just think about it for a moment. What do you feel when someone mentions God?
Like I do right now. What toughts and emotions come up?
Anger? Disappointment? Rage? For some maybe fear? Or just plain unbelief? Indifference? Hurt?
And why is that? Dig a little bit further into your thoughts and beliefs.
What makes you feel the way you feel about God? Stop being offended for a moment at what I write and the mere mention of Him and honostly ask yourself what comes up when you think about Him.
You have it? Clear what you thoughts and feelings about Him are? Ok now tell God these things.
Imagine Him being right there with you, because He is, whether you truly believe it or not doesn’t matter.
Test Him. Give Him a chance to show himself real to you. Real and caring about you!
Don’t go about like a proud peacock being angry or indifferent about Him without giving Him the opportunity to speak to you. Without having even met Him and heard Him out!
You will only hear Him if you listen you know.
So tell Him what you feel about Him and then ask (not  demand) Him how He feels about that.
What are his thoughts towards you?
Is He offended at you the way you are about Him?
His answer may surpise you.
(Spoiler alert: no He isn’t!)
Write down his answers. He often speaks through thoughts in our mind.
Then share what He said to you with someone else and ask them to do the same.
To tell Him their disappointments with Him and listen for his answer.
You can have a conversation with him like with anyone else.
And don’t get offended if you don’t hear an answer right away. It may come at an unexpected moment. Just be open for it.
If you are sincere and give Him a chance to speak and show himself to you He will.
He is not indifferent about you! But it takes two to tango.
If you truthfully seek Him you will find Him.
Just give Him a chance…

Bless you!

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