Sequel to “River of Life

I am a mirror
That’s how I was created to be
To reflect the Person
In front of me

So I gaze into His eyes
Behold his hands
His feet
And become just like Him

We don’t always have to ask for things when we approach God.
We are allowed to just be there.
To look into his eyes, using our faith and allowing him to imprint an image on our imagination so we can see him in the spirit.
We are spiritual beings and apart from physical senses we have spiritual senses with which we can discern things in the spiritual realm.
It often takes an intentional effort though to do this and to perceive what’s in front of us in the spirit.
The bible teaches us that God is always with us, so why not opening our spiritual senses so we experience him. We are invited to do so!

Something I like to do now and then is just to “imagine” Jesus to be right in front of me, looking at me and to ask myself what He looks like, specifically what’s the look in his eyes when He looks at me.
One of the impressions I get when I do this is that He looks at me with desire.
He has fire in his eyes which is his passionate love for me.
When I do this for a while I actually receive his love for me.
We often believe with our mind that God loves us but don’t always experience it.
We need to let his love permeate every core of our being.
Having a relationship with God (being in covenant with him) is not reading books about him or listening to stories or songs about who He is.
That may be a part of getting an idea of what He is like, but real relationship comes through interaction. By spending time together.
Now it would be ridiculous if God asked us to marry him so to say and wouldn’t allow us to spend time with him, to access his presence.
Through Jesus blood that was shed in our place, for our sin, we have full and constant access to God!
However we might have to learn how this works in practicality.


Patricia King has very good teaching on using our spiritual senses I can really recommend. She wrote a book called “Developing Your Five Spiritual Senses: SEE, HEAR, SMELL, TASTE & FEEL the invisible world around you”.
And she has other teachings about this like “the glory school” you might want to check out.
I feel I learned a lot from her and she’s the one that made me aware that I can actually access God’s presence!
Also on are a lot of valuable resources about engaging more actively in the spiritual world we all already are a part of.
E.g. “Empower your seer anointing” which is a short and very practical e-course with activations that help you to discern in the spirit.

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