The journey called life


You try to flyIn your own strengthYou flap your wingsWith all your might But only one thingYou need to doTo soar in lifeHigh up in the sky Come to MeSit at My feetLet Me teach youThe ways of life Rest, My loveIn the crossI gave you allJust abide Free Gift


(New Year) The old has passedThe new has comeFilled with opportunities You sowed with tearsYou will reap with joyEvery day will have new mercies Let hope not dieThough darkness triesTo invade your wounded soul The cross of ChristWhere He laid down his lifeIs still the salvation of the world Hide under My wingsTake refuge with…


Goodwill A tiny little babyBorn in a filthy stableI doubt it was magical But what if this baby was GodIn human frameI think the animals still stank It was the perfect pictureOf a holy GodEntering a tainted world The magic was the revelationOf a God that caredEnough to become a child A God that is…


Let there beFreedom from religionBonds that bindThe wrong kind of attachment Fear to be acceptedBy God most HighStriving for access to heavenThat was already paid for with a price Let there beFreedom from fearNot to fit inFree to be me Let there beAn all surpassing knowledgeOf a God divineSurrounding every soul Drenching our whole beingSoaked…

Good Shepherd

The Lion that is as meek as a lambBut only towards his flockRoaring against allThat touches his own The Lion that became a sheepThat let himself being takenBrutally slaughteredWithout resisting, like a lamb The Lion that is a shepherdGuardingProtectingSafe Free Gift


You are my songYou are my joyYou are so beautiful to me You make me danceYou make me singOver who I created you to be You are transformedA new creationThe old has passed away You are a mighty warriorShielded with my loveShielded with your faith in return You are my warring brideDisplaying my glory in…

A fair story (intro)

About a King and his SonTheir kingdomAnd children in distress If you’ve heard the gospel, the story about Jesus Christ the Son of God saving mankind, you might have noticed the many similarities with the many fairy tales and myths mankind has had over the centuries.There’s a battle between right and wrong.Light and darkness.There’s a…

A fair story (1)

Long (or was it short?) before the existence of time as we know it, a King had a Son.This King was very wealthy, and famous among all his realms.He was the most powerful and most generous Ruler anyone could ever wish for or even think of.A king like this is unheard of in many of…

A fair story (2)

And oh how many are his affections.More numerous than anyone can count.The King’s thoughts of benevolence towards his realm’s inhabitants are endless.He never ceases to stop thinking about ways to bless them tremendously.Always wanting to increase their joy and well-being.Never content with the gifts he already bestowed on them.Looking for more to give again and…

A fair story (3)

And he did it all together with his beloved Son.The King was so thrilled with him. He truly was the fruit of love’s expression.The desire of his heart.A dream come true. His name was Prince.The King determined he would do everything in his kingom through him.Nothing would be done apart from the son’s approval.If the…


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