His story 18: The “wrath” of God

God’s affections for us are not stronger when we believe in him.
He gives life to all.
The rain and the sun are for all.
Food comes from the earth for everyone alike.
Yet it does not stay this way forever.
Our submission to God will effect his provision sooner or later.
And I believe that at times it already has.
Not out of spite, some selfish anger which we tend to have when we do not get our way.
And not because He ever stops loving us because He never will.
I believe God will go to any length to get our attention.
To show us our rebellion which will seperate us from him for all eternity if we do not repent from our evil ways.
He will even bring disaster if that is what it takes for us to return to him.
I know this may be hard to understand but God is more interested in our eternal welfare than our temporary comfort.
We are often so focused on the moment but God keeps the whole picture in mind. Which is more than just our lives on this earth.
And though not everyone will come to him when He takes measures like that and even people may die, you have to keep in mind that one day we will die anyway. And then it will be to no avail.
We may have enjoyed life all due to the goodness of God. Yet we will lose our soul forever if we do not come to him in our lifetime.
And so God will do what it takes for us to be saved from eternal damnation and seperation from him.
His wrath is really his last act of kindness.
How severe it may be.
I believe God always postpones his wrath as long as possible.
Yet in the end there will always be people that will never get saved by returning to him, unless great disaster strikes them.
It is God’s last wake up call for the earth.
His last attempt to save souls when all his more gentle nudges to our soul were rejected by us.
And it hurts his heart more even then it hurts us.
Like no good parent takes pleasure in bringing grief to their children.
Yet if that is what is takes to bring them on the right pad they will.

To be continued…

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