His story 20: A way out

God does not want to punish us.
He takes no pleasure in it.
And He certainly does not want to be seperated from us forever.
After all we are his children, whom He loves very much!
Yet in order to have peace and safety in his kingdom, or should I say in his family, He will do whatever is necessary for this.
Even if it means that those who rebel against him and never accept his sovereignty over their lives have to be banished.
He will not take delight in that at all.
On the contrary it brings him great grief.
Yet it is the only way to bring peace and harmony in the kingdom.
And He will do it for the sake of those that submit to him.
But He did not make that decision lightly and He first did everything possible to save those who rebelled against him.
He provided a way for them to escape the rightful punishment for their behavior.
That probably sounds unfair to you, especially if you consider yourself to be worthy of God and his eternal presence in heaven.
Or if you are thinking that if you deserve punishment you will pay it yourself. You do not want mercy. Your pride flares up right away by that thought.
If you are not concerned with those things on the other hand it is the best news you will ever hear in your life!

Anyone that is convicted of their own shortcomings and rebellion against God will cling to his mercy with their whole being once they realise they are not able to pay for their own sin.
Truth is that none of us deserves heaven.
You do not want justice. Because that would mean you would have to be condemned. To be banished from his presence forever.
You may think this is not a big deal since you do not want to be with God anyway. Or so you think.
However without realising it you already are experiencing a measure of his presence. We all do. The whole earth is filled with his glory.
But in order to have fulness of live we need to have a relationship with God.
If you die without having submitted yourself to God, to Jesus Christ, you will lose all the glory this life contains.
And your soul will long for all eternity to be with God, but then this is not possible anymore.
Because it has to be a free choice and once we see God in all his glory after we have died we will all be compelled to bow to him. It will not be a free choice anymore.
Hell is the place we then go to.
Hell, because we are seperated from his glory forever.
If you want to party for all eternity, heaven is the place you want to be.
There is nothing more satisfying and exhilarant then to be close to God forever.
But how can God give mercy and forgive us if that leads to lasting chaos and strife in his kingdom the way we already experience in life right now?
If He forgives rebels and lets them continue to rebel then how can there be peace? How can anyone be safe?

To be continued…

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