His story 33: Romance

We found out what our new pursuit in life is after we surrendered to our Maker and were united with him.
To develop a relationship with him like one does with a spouse, but then spiritual, and on a deeper level.
To do life with him.
To let him love us and to return that love.
When we surrendered to Jesus, God made a covenant with us.
It is not a loose decision that was made on a whim.
We are not testing God out for a period to see how it goes.
Nor does God test us before He commits to us.
The way many people are testing another by living together without making a lasting commitment.
Taking part of each other with the intention to leave when it becomes unconvenient.
That is not love.
That is selfishness.
There is no faithfulness or loyalty in that kind of arrangement.
Also it leads to great hurt to be separated from a person you have been intimate with.
You have become part of one another.
A unity took place.
But it really is the consummation of a marriage without getting married.
That makes no sense right?
You skipped the part that holds a relationship together.
The part where you devote yourself to the other.
Declaring that you do no live for yourself but for that other person.
That is what marriage is.
Marriage was never meant to be made to get your needs met.
It was meant to be an expression of the love you have inside of you.
And when you get united with someone for that reason, to give rather than take, you actually will find a satisfation in that.
However if we do not know our Maker as our prime Lover, no marriage can fill the empty place in our soul that only God was made to fill.
And then even a marriage with the best intentions is likely to fall apart, or become a disappointment.
Thankfully God’s devotion to us is not the way we often are devoted to others.
He is not in it to get something from us.
Nor does his faithfulness depend on ours.

To be continued…

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