His story 37: Loving God

Like marriage is not about what we can get but about what we can give, so a covenant with God is not about what we can get from him.
However it is likely it starts out that way because we do need God.
We need to be in relationship with him and we desperately need to receive his forgiveness and love for us.
We were wired that way.
To need him.
Yet once we have seen his love and goodness we can grow.
The more time we spend with him the more we want to give to him.
To surrender our whole lives to him fully, without holding anything back.
Without having any selfish motives in the way we love him.
We start to live for him instead of for ourselves.
Our life becomes worship.
Worship is the most natural way to express our love to God.
It can have countless forms.
Key is that it comes from our heart and is not just an outward activity.
You can tell him “I love you” thousand times over and it can be worship.
Yet you can sing the most eloquent song and yet not worhip at all if you do not put your heart in it.
True worship comes from your spirit and is a surrender of your whole being.
Worship is (spiritual) intimacy with God.
Examples of how you can worship go from plainly telling him you love him to helping out a neighbour.
Singing songs, dance, create something or clean your house.
The bible exhorts us to do everything we do as to God.
That is worship.
It is a lifestyle.

To be continued…

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