10. Crazy grace

It can be difficult to experience the love of God, if we don’t know the gospel in the core of our being.
Not just with our mind, but deep down in our soul and heart.
Our minds need to be transformed, so that every moment of the day and night, we know that we know that we know the love of God.
That He loves us above reason.
More than we could even imagine or hope.

The love of God…
Is beyond human reason
Above what we think love should look like
Deeper than the biggest ocean
Wider than then the greatest see
Reaching farther than our eyes perceive

Nothing can tame it
It cannot be damned in
It is wild
It is endless
It’s more than we can contain

So what does this love look like?
And how do we dive in?

It looks like a tree
Split in two vertically
Each standing on both sides of a river
It’s leaves reaching down
Healing whom they touch
Holding fruit
For anyone who dears to come up
This is the love of God
Reaching out for us

Before God even created us He decided He would save us from ourselves if we wouldn’t obey him.
If we would break free from the covering protection of his love,
He would even go further
Not letting sin rob him
From his beloved offspring
He would do anything for us

He was willing to send his Son Jesus into this world as a baby.
The same way we come into the world.
He was willing to meet us in our mess.
To come down to our level.
And to die an excruciating death, bearing all the sin of mankind combined.
He did this so we wouldn’t have to suffer the price for our sin.
And yet would learn righteousness.
So we wouldn’t be obsorbed by our sin, but rather be set free from it.

He was disrupted from his life in heaven.
(of course his roots were still there,
pictures can only depict things so far)
So He could build a city.
Of many sons and daughters.

Oh the mystery of the cross.
We can feed on it daily.
So let’s.


Meditate on the pictures
What do they tell you?

Write a poem about what happened on the cross.
(it doesn’t have to rhyme)

Draw or paint what God’s love looks like to you.
(or use whatever medium you want)

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