7. Blockages: distractions

Last but not least!
We probably all experienced some of the previous mentioned blockages for experiencing God.
To a degree anyways.
Yet they can be all out of the way and still we might not feel his presence.

You shall seek Me and find Me, when you shall search for Me with all your heart. 

Jer. 29:13

Allthough I’ve struggled with all of these blockages this might be the one
that tripped me up the most so to say.
God is not hard to find.
The bible says He is near.

“God who made the world and all things in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by hands. Nor is He served by men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives all men life and breath and all things…

…that they should seek the Lord so perhaps they might reach for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. ‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.’

Acts 17:25,27,28

God is close to us!
That is so comforting to me.
But He is so kind and gentle towards us that He doesn’t overtake our lives.
He wants us to want him.
And He is so absolutely worthy of our desire!
He is so worthy of our full attention.
It’s kind of hard to have an intimate heart to heart conversation with someone who’s mind is elsewhere.
Now God is not offended at us for our distractions the way we might be if someone does not give us the attention we deserve.
Yet He wants our whole heart.

Jesus tells a story in the bible (Matth.13) about reaping and sowing in different kinds of grounds.
It talks about the soil of our heart.
The first one is about when we hear God’s words but they don’t truly enter our hearts.
It’s compared to seed that is sown on a road.
This happens when we don’t understand it.
Birds immidiately pick it up and take it away.

The second one is about seed that falls on rocky soil.
This is about a person that receives God’s words initially with joy but it grows no roots.
When oppression comes because of those words, he falls away.

The third one is what I want to focus on here.
It’s about seed that falls among thorns.
The thorns choke it and make the person unfruitful.
It means the words don’t produce anything good in him.
The thorns are distractions.
The concerns of this world.
I believe this can even be things that are not bad in itself.
But we put them above God and therefore his words don’t stick and grow inside us.

If we hear from God we do have to take attention.
We have to let his words sink in.
I believe God speaks to all people (often through nature or circumstances or other people)
but many times we are not listening and therefore his words fall on deaf ears.
Things in the natural are often a depiction of the spiritual.
Don’t expect God to invade your life if you don’t even turn a listening ear to him.
He absolutely wants to be involved with everything you do, but He wants to be welcome.
And I also belief He deserves nothing less than our full attention.
So why not honor him and give him his desire.
Which is you!
Amazing right? That He longs for our attention and delights in it.
That in a sense we can give God joy.

The first of the ten commandments in the bible is not to have other gods.
When we seek God we have to place him above everything else in our lives.
When our mind is dominated by the things we’re working on or by worries and concerns we don’t give God the first place in our lives.
We have other gods so to say.
A key for experiencing God is to give him our full attention.
There might still be noise on the side but we turn our attention to him.
It takes some practise to do this.
Don’t give up if you don’t manage to do this right away.
Just keep practising.
Quiet all your minds concerns and listen for his voice in your inner being.
It often comes through a subtle thought in your mind or an impression or even a picture.
You also might not literally hear him say something but rather just sense He’s saying it.


Set apart some time daily in which you quiet yourself and listen for his voice.
Listening to soothing (instrumental) christian music might help you to calm down.
E.g. from Dappey T Keys. https://youtu.be/_5YF8Zb7j-Y
You can also practise hearing his voice by taking moments throughout the day to become quiet and listen. Just ask him what He wants to tell you.
He’ll probably mainly just tell you how much He loves you and how much you mean to him.
But He gives direction for our lives as well.

Be blessed!

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