9. Soaking


Beautiful butterfly
Tender yet bright
Soaking in the Son’s light
Until it’s ready for flight

Are we going to take a bath?
Well kind of…
A spiritual bath
And how we need it

Somehow we find it easy to do and earn things, but much more difficult to just lean back and relax.
And yet, that is exactly what we need.
More than all our occupations we need to take care of.

We need to be still
To know, that He is God
Not we
That He takes care of us
Not we for ourselves
Without him we can do nothing
We might as well take some time to honor him for that
To acknowledge him
To just drink in his presence
Because He’s everywhere
And He never leaves us
But if we are constant busy and worried
And don’t take time to enjoy the blessing of his presence
We miss the most important thing in life
Which is to have fellowship with God
Our Maker
The Lover of our soul

The One that knows us better than anyone else
The One that loves us more than anyone can
The One that desires to have our attention
To look into our face
And to bless us tremendously
Simply by the look in his eyes
A look of sheer delight
A gaze of adoration
A longing to be with us
All the time

Now THAT is amazing right?!
A God that not only loves us from a distance but actually wants to be involved with every aspect of our lives.
If only we would let him…
If only we would take time to even acknowledge his existence.
Not as some deity far away.
But Someone who lives close.
Inside our very heart.
If only we would listen
For his silent whisper in our ear
Speaking words of tenderness
Transforming every part
Making us soft and tender
Just like him

You are most invited
We both are
To go on a date with God
To surrender our heart
To give up all concerns
And let the Creator of the universe woo us!


Turn of devices that can distract you and go to a place where you cannot be disturbed.
(put a sign on your door if you need to)
Make a list of “to-do-things” for later if they come up so you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.
Turn on your favorite soothing christian music if you prefer.
You can also do it without music which might even be better if you manage to get quiet without it.
Perhaps you prefer to go outside to a silent place and let the beauty of nature quiet your minds concerns.
Close your eyes if it helps you not to get distracted.

Acknowledge the presence of God
Allow yourself to just be
You don’t have to take care of anything
You don’t have to earn his favor
You are allowed just to hold hands with your Maker
You don’t have to talk or ask anything
Just enjoy his presence and open your heart for him to speak
Gentle words to your soul
Words of kindness
Not of condemnation

If He convicts you of sin or something you need to change
Just repent and consent
You can trust him
His instructions are always for our good
And He will provide for your every need
Whether spiritual, material, physical or emotional
Then lean in to his love
Let him saturate you
Don’t try to conjure up some sort of feeling
Just believe He’s there
Whether you feel it or not
And be still
And you will receive his love and change into his likeness more and more

Do this every day for as long as you want!
That’s what it looks like to have a love relationship with God, your Maker.
That’s what it looks like to wait on God.

those who wait upon the Lord
shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
and they shall walk and not faint.

Is. 40:31

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