Growing in faith (2)

From heart to head

So what other ways can we grow our faith and let the truth which we believe in our heart permeate our whole mind and everyday thinking?
How can we understand with our mind the things we deep down believe to be true so we can live accordingly.
So we don’t live in a constant split between heart and mind.
So we actually reflect the One we love so much instead of showing a distorted image of him to the world around us.

I already mentioned daily worship as a way to let what’s inside our spirit bubble up to the surface.
What else can we do to get heart and mind closer to each other?
For me art is a great way to do this.
Because art speaks to the heart and flows from it.
Making art is a great way to let what’s inside of us become visible.
And of course writing like I’m doing right now.
The main reason for me to write this blog is for this very purpose.
To become more aware of the truth I’m believing.
I think we too often assume we know it all as believers, especially when we believe for a long time.
But do we really realise what it means that Jesus died for us?
What does this change in our day to day life?

He surely didn’t die “just” so we could go to heaven one day.
Now that is great but I fear too many believers have stopped expanding their faith and simply believe they know all that there’s to it.
If we truly understood with our whole mind what the gospel means we wouldn’t be ashamed anymore of our past and even our most recent sin.
We would bring them to the cross daily as soon as we were convicted of them, and simply leave them there behind. Repenting of course and not keep doing them.
Not because conviction of sin enables us not to do it anymore but because the conviction of his righteousness inside us does. Enabling us to live righteous indeed.
Because we already are righteous at the core of our being.
We just have to believe it so we’ll start living it out.

Believing it is all it takes for this to happen. Not tryer harder in our own strength.
That’s what happens when we understand with our mind what we believe in our heart.
We need to understand who we are in God’s eyes (not men’s).
If we know who we are we start living accordingly.
We don’t have to do things in order to become acceptable to God or anyone else.
When we gave our lives to Jesus He transformed our nature. Our core. Our heart.
Faith is the only thing we can “do” to make us acceptable to God.
And even the ability to believe is a gift.
But we can choose to accept this gift or reject it.
When we accept it God accepts us!!!

To know that Jesus died for us is not understanding.
Understanding is knowing what this means for our everyday living and putting it into practise.


Write down for yourselves (and perhaps share it with others and asking them to do the
same) what the gospel means.
Make it practical. How does it change your everyday life?
What aspects of the gospel are you not seeing yet in your own life?
What truths need to sink in deeper?
Take time to read about and meditate on these aspects so you gain understanding and it becomes a reality for you.

Ad some (or one) creative expressions to your regular activities.
(we ALL have creativity!)
Preferably daily, like (art) journaling or writing poetry.
This can be just 10 minutes a day.
Or even just once a month or week if that’s all you can make time for.
Plan it in your agenda right now.
Focus on expressing God’s love for us (which He mainly did through the cross).
Don’t go after feelings.
Go after revelation, and feelings will follow!

Read “Art Journaling”.

Be blessed!

What am I reading?

All of Grace (The infinite love of God), by C. H. Spurgeon.

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