Growing in faith (4)


What is it we believe in our heart but need to understand more with our mind?
I think the main thing is the cross. Redemption.
None of us believers are properly using our mind when it comes to this.
We sing and write about it (yep, me too) and it may give us a moment of awe when we ponder it.
Yet I believe our lives would be totally different if we fully grasped it with our mind.
I’m not althogether sure we are able to though.
It might be something that just has to grow as we continue in our journey into the heart of God.

Just think about it.
A God that created the whole world becomes part of his own creation and rescue’s it from their wickedness by dying in their place. Paying the rightfull penalty that they deserve to pay.
Like a judge pronouncing a sentence because it’s the right thing to do, because justice requires it, and then undergoing the punishment himself. So that the criminal doesn’t has to!

Although it’s not likely this happens in real life we can at least imagine it right?
One person taking the fall for another out of love.
Yet that the God of the universe goes so far in his love for us is astounding.
If we make something and it doesn’t work out the way we intended it to be we easily throw it away.
We can have another go at it. Trying it again.
Now of course you (hopefully) don’t discard your own children like that, but we are mere men, and so are our kids.
We were created ourselves just as they are.
God was not created though.
He is the Creator.

It’s just crazy mindblowing that the Almighty Power Most High takes the form of a seed.
As small as we all started our existence in this world.
And then slowly, as slow as we do, grows into a man.
Even if He came right away as a man and appeared to us, like He did in the old testament several times (called the “Angel” of God) it would be quite amazing if you ask me.
A God that would go so low, coming down to us.

What does this tell us about God?
And what does this say about us?
For one it shows that God is approachable.
Perhaps not in his full glory, especially not for those that rebel against him.
Which is all of us…
But it also shows how involved He is with us.
That really nothing can keep him from loving us and going after us.
Pursuing our hearts.
Doing everything to win our heart for him.
So He toned down his glory so we could bear looking at him.
He is not too proud for that.
We would probably be…

“What do you mean, I have to go down into that pit to save someone. I’m a king.
My clothes will get stained. It will take effort. I will get tired. Let someone else do it!”

That would be our response if we were God…
We’re all about getting honor for ourselves.
Looking good.
Saving effort if we can.
Unless…it would be our own kid.
Then (if we’re a good parent) we would go down that pit to save them right?

So what does this whole story of redemption say about us?
Apart from that it shows how kind and loving God is, it shows how valuable we are.
I don’t think God would die for animals.
Even though He loves them very much.
(I believe their redemption is tied to men’s.)
But He died for men!
He died for us!

We might need eternity to let this sink in.
To understand what that means.
What it says about both God and us.
Our whole mind needs to come into alignment with this truth.
To see how valuable we are and how humble God is.
Then truly everything we do and think and feel changes.
We become selfless lovers of God and others.
Not putting ourselves down, but not putting ourselves above anyone else either.

Then we know that we are loved all the time.
Then we don’t have to continually strive to get love and approval.
Then life truly is much more beautiful and peaceful.
Then we are fully at rest and fully fulfilled.


Make it a daily habbit to ponder redemption.
You can read a few lines in a book everyday with this toppic.
(the blood, the cross, the gospel, grace, God’s love etc.)
Or it can be as simple as putting up a picture in your house that depicts it,
and intently look at it a few seconds daily on a set time.
(like before you go to bed or when you get up)
Or meditate on it during your soaking time.
Or a combination, or whatever works for you.
I’m sure there are many other ways.

Be blessed!

I have these two pictures in my house that help me remember:


Living the cross centered life, keeping the gospel the main thing, C. J. Mahaney

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