A love letter

So this is what covenant with God looks like:
It’s to say yes to the One that loves you most and best.
To say yes to his proposal for being united with him forever.
To say yes to loving God.

You’ve got mail
Let me deliver it to you
Here it is

Beloved…(fill in your name)

I’ve looked at you with stunning wonder and desire
Since the day you were born
Since the day I first thought of you
You filled Me with such excitement
With such joy

Anticipating all the wonderfull times we would have together
Looking forward to see the sheer delight on your face
When I would give you gift upon gift upon gift
Love upon love
All the days of your life

The blessedness of childhood
Your first discovery of flowers
Putting your hand in running water
Dancing in the rain
Your first words
Your first smile
They filled me with so much joy

Your discovery of friendship
The thrill of having someone to share
The treasures and miracles of life with
It made my heart overflow

Finding the joy of giving
Nurturing a child
Or caring for the elders
Sharing freely
What others gave to you
Loving selflessly
Being a gift to others
Oh I have no words

My child
You mean so much to me
You are so beautiful
Don’t listen to other voices
Don’t let them drag you down
They are lying
You are truly a delight

Let me wash you with My blood
Erasing every stain
Enhancing your beauty
Cutting you the right way
So My light in you may be seen

My beloved
Will you marry me?

Yours forever,

Free Gift

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