Jesus told us that all things would be restored.
Before He would come back.
So what things need to be restored?
We would have to look at the beginning when things first started to fall apart and when God’s purpose and intention for mankind and creation became defiled.
Not because God changed his mind about us but because we didn’t cooperate with him anymore.

Life on earth was never meant to be separated from God.
It was never supposed to be alienated from it’s Maker.
We were never supposed to wander though life alone, being in the unknown about God’s love and intention for us.
When men rebelled against God and chose not to trust him and his good intentions for us a breach was made, by men, not God, between how life was suppposed to be and how we started to live and experience life.
Away from relationship with God.
Away from the fullness and satisfaction He intended us to have.

So the first thing that needs to be resored is our trust in God. Our relience on him.
God showed us we could trust him by dying for us on a cross.
By doing that He showed us his devotion towards us even when we sinned and turned away from him.
He showed us that He still loved us and would never stop pursuing out heart.
To win us for him so we would have relationship with him again.
I believe all the other things will be restored from there.
When we truly see and realise what He did for us and accept it we allow him access in our lives. Access He won’t give himself if we don’t give him permission.
Because He values our will.
Because He wants us to want him.

Then He can heal our body and every hurt in our soul.
Then He can fill us with his love that is a consuming fire that changes us from the inside and makes us like him. Full of love and passion.
Then, I believe, righteousness will sprout up in the earth and justice will be done.
Then we become selfless. And yet still love ourselves.
Then we will fight for the hungry and poor to be fed.
We will go after solutions for the major problems in the earth and find them.
Because our heart is set on it.
Because we don’t live for ourselves anymore but love others equally. With the same measure of love that we love ourselves. Not less.
Then there can be peace on all levels, because we’re not set on WHO’s right but on WHAT’s right.
Because we don’t need to strive for approval and acceptance anymore. Because we already found this in God and his love is truly enough.

Love Like Honey

By Karen Ladage 1/2021

There is a Love as thick and heavy as Honey –
Glistening Golden, full of Life and Healing;
Dripping down upon our cares
smothering our concerns in its relentless waves
of sweet Grace.

There is a Love as sweet and gentle as Rain,
Drip, drip, dripping from the sky.
Quenching the thirsty earth with its revival dew,
Releasing a refreshing that nourishes the soul.

There is a Love as strong and unquenchable as Fire
It cleanses, it heals, it will not be denied.
It pursues, it overtakes, it encompasses, it takes hold.
It draws you to Itself to cause you to be inflamed
by a passion that consumes.

There is a Love that exists,
beyond time and space,
beyond reason or understanding –
that would undertake the most unimaginable feat possible:
to translate That Which Exists beyond time and space
and embody IT in human veil.

There is a Love. There is Love. There is LOVE
Love that accepts. Love that heals.
Love that reaches out for you.
Love that sees -all the hurts and wounds and pain
and would heal, and make you a healer.

There is Love like Honey

copyright work (art and poem) by Karen Ladage – shared with author’s permission

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