Artist: Nancy Michiels

God where are you? Why did you leave me alone?

Even Jesus cried out on the cross: My God why have you forsaken me?
And don’t we so often pray for God to come to us?
Does life not all so often seem empty and void of any God?
Does He even exist and if He does, does He care for us?

I think He does, but I do not feel him as much as I would like. Not yet anyway.
So where is He? I would like to ask him some questions, you might think.
First thing I would like you to consider is that God does not need to answer to US.
It makes more sense it’s the other way around right?
WE answer to HIM…one day.
But…if He is interested in us He surely should make himself known to us?

Maybe HE is asking us the same question: Where are you my child?
My beloved son and daughter?
I so long to hear from you.
You broke of the familyline. You disinherited Me.
But I will accept you back as my child in an instant.
If only you will come to me.

And to those who already became his children again:
My child why don’t you talk with me?
Why don’t you eat from the dinner I prepared for you?
Why didn’t you move in the room I made for you in my house?
Why do you sleep on the treshhold instead?
It’s drafty out there, come closer to the fire.
Let me warm you. Let me feed you.
Let me sing over you. Let us be merry together.
Rest your head on my chest and I will give you peace.
I will take care of you, you don’t have to do everything on your own.

Let’s go back to the cross for a moment, where Jesus the perfect Son of God who came down from heaven gave his life to pay the rightfull punishment for OUR sin.
He cried out to God his Father: “Why have you forsaken me?”
But had God really forsaken him?
Just the night before He had told his disciples they would all forsake him but that his Father was with him.
The bible also says that Jesus endured the cross through the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of God that comes from God the Father. And it says this very Holy Spirit rose him from the death.
So clearly Jesus was not alone on the cross. His Father had never forsaken him.

It just felt that way.

Moments later after He cried out in anguish to the why of his seeming abandonment by his Father, He said “into your hands I commit my spirit”.
He quickly regained his awareness of the Father’s presence even in his suffering.
And He surrendered to him, showing him his trust like He had done the night before in the garden of Gethsemane, when He said “not my will, but yours be done”.
When Jesus felt forsaken on the cross He completely identified with our feelings of forsakeness.
Feelings. Not facts.
He also showed us the way to respond. With perfect trust. With total surrender.

“Father, into your hands I place my life.”

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“Where shall I go from Your spirit,
or where shall I flee from Your presence?
If I ascend to heaven, You are there;
if I make my bed in Sheol, You are there.”

Psalm 139:7,8

(btw we are not to follow David’s (who wrote psalm 139) example to hate those who hate God and those who do wickedness, we are to love them, because God loves them)

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